Murphy’s Pub  Patio Dining 


Chips and Salsa    $8.95  w/roasted corn salsa and cheese dip Fresh house salsa

and chips.

 Guacamole and Chips      $11.95    Made to order with warm chips

 Calamari      $12.95   Lightly breaded served over an avocado mash

w/sweet chili mango sauce and lemon garlic aioli

Potato Skins         $9.95               Loaded with chili and cheese

Fried Poblano Rings   $9.95  w/roasted corn salsa and cheese dip   

Chicken Wings $13.95  Choice of sweet chili mango, honey BBQ or buffalo

Southwest Shrimp Cocktail    $14.95    Poached shrimp in a Pico de Gallo

w/avocado and tortilla chips

Hummus Platter    $9.95  w/ fresh vegetables and seasoned grilled pita chip

House Crafted Soup   Cup $3.95  Bowl $5.00

Quesadilla w/cheese   $6.95

Quesadilla w/cheese and chicken        $8.95




Classic Cob  $10.95   Grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, tomato and chopped egg

Shrimp Louie  $14.95    Poached shrimp, tomato, hard-boiled egg

and cucumber with Louie dressing                       

House Garden Salad    $4.95    

Buffalo Chicken   $12.95  Crispy chicken tossed in hot sauce, tomato,

cucumber and blue cheese dressing

Taco Salad    $11.95  Tortilla bowl w/ lettuce, chili cheese, sour cream,

salsa and avocado 

 Dressings: Ranch, Italian, French, Thousand Island, Louie or Garlic

(Homemade Blue Cheese - $2 extra)


                               Dinner Entrees

 Served with a cup of soup or garden salad,  chef’s potato, vegetable & bread


                        Steaks, Ribs and Chops  


Pork Chop O’Brien  12oz Bone- In   $17.95   w/ potato wedges,

sautéed peppers and onions in a rich au jus                                   

Filet  8oz  $23.95    Filet 12oz  $33.95   Filets are finished w/Madeira wine reduction

16 oz. Ribeye     $26.95             Finished w/ a Brandy demi glaze

Full Slab BBQ ribs   $23.95    Slathered in house sauce and broiled              

Half Slab BBQ ribs     $17.95

12oz Chopped Steak  $15.95  Topped w/grilled mushrooms and onions

or blue cheese in a brown wine sauce

16oz Strip Steak   $23.95 Prepared in a green peppercorn demi glaze sauce


                      Seafood, Chicken and Pasta


Corn Flake Crusted Chicken   $15.95   Sautéed crispy and topped w/ham

and Gruyere cheese in a honey mustard sauce

Crumb Crusted Mahi Mahi  $20.95    Sautéed crispy in a lemon wine sauce.

Grilled Salmon     $20.95  Prepared with a whole grain honey mustard sauce

Linguine or Fettuccini   $10.95  Choose a sauce: Marinara, Fra Diavolo,

 or Alfredo

Three Cheese Tortellini   $14.95   Prepared in a basil pesto cream sauce

Pasta dish add-ons 6 Shrimp      $9.00   

Portobello mushrooms or 8 oz. sautéed chicken for   $6.00 each 



      Served  with coleslaw, French fries and a pickle


Murphy's Burger  $11.95  House blend of ground beef brisket and short rib   

Add cheese, mushrooms or onions $1.00

Add bacon, avocado or a fried egg $2.00  

Reuben  $10.95   Sliced corned beef on grilled rye bread with

seasoned sauerkraut and Swiss cheese

Chicago Beef  $10.95 Served w/sweet peppers and mozzarella cheese

Turkey Avocado Wrap   $10.95   Turkey, Cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce,

tomato and chipotle aioli in a flour tortilla

Smoked Turkey Panini  $10.95  Grilled on sour dough w/bacon,

chipotle aioli and cheddar cheese

Chicken Club      $10.95     Grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato,

mayo and avocado on white or whole grain

10 oz. Steak Sandwich   $15.95   Served on grilled French bread

with grilled onions, mushrooms and BBQ Ranch